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August 1 - August 31, 2022

Team Securian Financial Feed

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  • Crystal Fenton's avatar
    Crystal Fenton 8/24/2022 1:00 PM
    This morning over breakfast my 6 year old and I had a great conversation about what food waste really means. We talked about how throwing away an item from his lunch means more than just the tossed item - there is the water used to grow it, the gas in the vehicle to drive it to our store, etc. He really did well grasping this concept and wanted to know if we could give our extra food to other people so that it wouldn't get wasted! That lead to a nice conversation about food shelves and what food insecurity means. What a day! 
  • Reflection Question
    Community Watch a Documentary About Food
    Have you ever thought about food going to waste on this scale before?

    Sara Chars's avatar
    Sara Chars 8/19/2022 1:21 PM
    Watched Kiss the Ground on Netflix which talked about the impact of soil quality on our planet health and human existence. Highly recommend.

  • Sara Chars's avatar
    Sara Chars 8/16/2022 1:33 PM
    Making a veggie breakfast bake with leftover veggies!

  • Sara Chars's avatar
    Sara Chars 8/10/2022 6:10 AM
    shared this challenge with a coworker and sent them the link to join!

  • Kate Mayer's avatar
    Kate Mayer 8/09/2022 11:26 AM
    I finally incorporate the beet GREENs into my beet dish, using the whole veggie!
  • Reflection Question
    Cooking Reimagine Leftovers
    How have you modified what you do with leftovers to make sure nothing goes to waste?

    Sara Chars's avatar
    Sara Chars 8/09/2022 9:22 AM
    I had small amounts of red sauce, pesto, lentil pasta and basil that I threw together to make a delicious pasta! I add "unexpected cheddar" from Trader Joes - killer!
  • Reflection Question
    Community Send it Down the Grape Vine
    Describe the conversations you had and if you learned anything about what other people think of the topic of food waste.

    Crystal Fenton's avatar
    Crystal Fenton 8/08/2022 10:43 AM
    On a family vacation, I had the chance to talk to multiple family members about ways to cut back on food waste. Cooking together in the same kitchen made it easy to help them understand how simple it is to compost and experiment with unusual ingredients. (Googling the ingredients you have on hand often leads to fun new recipes!)
  • Reflection Question
    Cooking Cook Just Enough
    We often worry about running out of food so we make too much. What thoughts and feelings have come up when you make just the right amount to eat up all the food?

    Crystal Fenton's avatar
    Crystal Fenton 8/08/2022 10:39 AM
    Fewer leftovers means fewer dishes to wash and more space in the fridge (so things won't get lost in there)! 
  • Reflection Question
    Kids Get Involved in the Kitchen
    Share about a successful planning or cooking activity you have done as a family!

    Crystal Fenton's avatar
    Crystal Fenton 8/08/2022 10:38 AM
    We let our 6 year old decide how we would cook the broccoli today. He loves 'crunchy' broccoli, so we roasted it! Heck yes clean plate club!

  • Crystal Fenton's avatar
    Crystal Fenton 8/08/2022 10:33 AM
    I had some excess produce from my CSA box and made a great summer salad to share at a family picnic over the weekend: corn, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro and lime juice. Amazing!!