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August 1 - August 31, 2022

Minneapolis Health Department Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Planning Learn About and Choose a Meal Plan Style
    What meal plan method works for you and why? Have you tried some in the past that didn't work?

    Heidi Ritchie's avatar
    Heidi Ritchie 8/11/2022 1:59 PM
    Meal planning is easiest for me when I use existing items in my refrigerator and pantry. It is more challenging when given new meals that I'm less familiar with and need to purchase ingredients that aren't a regular part of my grocery shopping/menu.
  • Reflection Question
    Kids Use Kids' Lunch Leftovers
    What foods commonly go uneaten in your children's lunches, and what have you done to ensure they are eaten later? Have you replaced these foods with something that is more likely to be eaten?

    Elizabeth Mullen's avatar
    Elizabeth Mullen 8/06/2022 6:46 AM
    Bits of fruits and veggies mostly.
    Using leftover carrots, celery and veggies for dinners. Freezing leftover fruit that has gone mushy to use for smoothies. Having my kids empty their lunches and talking about what we save and what we can do with it. Hoping someday my kids will also like hot lunch :) Brings me to the question of how much is leftover at school??