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August 1 - August 31, 2022
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Dana Mayer

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"Saving the environment one less plastic bag at a time"

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Volunteer to Rescue Food

I will volunteer 10 hours to support existing community food waste reduction and recovery efforts like gleaning or for a food bank.

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Buy Loose Produce and Shop the Bulk Bins

I will buy loose produce with a reusable bag or food from the bulk section to get the exact quantity I need.



Create an Eat First Area

I will create an "Eat First" area in my fridge to prioritize food that needs to be used right away for my household of 1.

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    Dana Mayer 9/05/2022 5:19 PM
    I learned that businesses that sells food in America throw away tons of perfectly good food because it's imperfect, few days b4 expire date, end of deli day or a store reset with new packaging...etc. That food can fill our extremely low food banks which lots of families rely on especially now with groceries so expensive!! During this challenge I mainly rescued food from stores in my community & donated it to my communities food Bank. 100's of food items where collected daily from 1 neighborhood convenience store!! Also collected extra vegi from my community gardens & neighbors gardens to donate too! Our state has a law called "The Good Samaritan" law that doesn't hold the business responsible if someone gets sick from their foods that has been donated to a food bank. No reason why all businesses should donate unused food products to our local food banks
  • Reflection Question
    Community Volunteer to Rescue Food
    How will you volunteer your time? What was your experience like volunteering and what did you learn?

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    Dana Mayer 8/03/2022 7:45 AM
    I rescued @ 100
    coffee drinks from my local corner store after a product reset. Products were ment for the dumpster due to label change & couldn't be sold. Got permission from the GM to rescue the items & I donated some to a local nursing home, my local food shelf & a few to my neighbors!! *A very happy resident from the nursing home enjoying her coffee drinks!!!
  • Reflection Question
    Shopping Buy Loose Produce and Shop the Bulk Bins
    How has buying bulk impacted the amount of food you waste?

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    Dana Mayer 8/02/2022 10:21 AM
    When I purchased bulk items I tend to cook larger portions & freeze some for later. Bulk items means less packaging